A Class Divided

“A Class Divided” is a documentary which makes me preoccupied with discrimination and prejudice. First of all, I want to start with the story of this documentary to make my ideas more clear.
In a primary school, a teacher asked some questions to understand students’ thoughts about races and realized that children had racist ideas, although they did not know or notice that. Therefore, she played a game in the class: She told them: ” The people with blue eyes are more intelligent and importand than the people with brown eyes and the students with brown eyes cannot play with the students with blue eyes.” and new rules started to be obeyed. While the students with blue eyes felt themselves better and more important, the despair of the students with brown eyes was obvious but unfortunately, they could not change the condition in the class. Another day, the teacher told them: ” I’m sorry! I made a mistake yesterday. Actually, brown eyes are better than blue eyes so the rules in the class should be changed.” so the feelings changed, too. After this game, teacher asked the experiences, ideas and emotions of students. They confessed that they had felt terrible and the rule had been injustice; even if they knew that they are important and intelligent like the others, they could not prove that.
I think, this documentary is a good answer for the people who separate the others in terms of their races. Today, unfortunately, to separate people, not just races also economic power, ethnicity, religions and the other preferences are used. I believe that someones want people seperated to manage and exploite them. To manage the human beings which are distinguished must be easier!
In summary, the idea of discrimination is totally unnecessary and wrong. Which traits we have are not vital , there is just a critical thing we should believe and support: WE ARE ALL HUMAN AND EQUAL! I want you to think that racism or the other prejudices you have are your own opinions or just a lie told by someone wanted to separate us? An idea causes wars, pain or fights should not be a personal choice . Nobody is better than the other people. The distinctnesses between us are not to separate people, they are to make our world more colourful and beautiful!
P.S. : It is my first English essay on WordPress. Sorry for my mistakes 🙂 And this essay is the English version of my previous essay “Bölünmüş Bir Sınıf”



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