Risk Society

Risk Society is a critical concept mentioned by Giddens and Beck. Well, what is risk society and why did risk societies occured? First of all we should describe “MODERNIZATION” to understand Risk Society.
Modernization is a process in which societies changed a lot. This process was caused by the Enlightenment and industrialization. In this process, the importance of money and luxury increased also people started to think about the future a lot. As you see, for Capitalism and technological developments, these conditions are very appropriate. People thought about luxury,growing, the future and money a lot. Hence, although people dreamed about a bright future, they have gone into a vicious circle between developments and work life.
Risk society occured because of this uncontrolled growing and today, we live the results of the modernization. What are the results of modernization ?
  • Because of the factory churns and harmful gasses, environmental problems are existed.
  • Again, health problems such as cancer are occured by the harmful substances.
  • The number of people, who are disappointed because they could not have ideal life conditions as they want, have gone up. Thus, the rates of suicide and depression rose.
  • Because of the busy work life, people cannot socialize and also their family life is affected negatively.
  • People wanted safer life in modern life. However, we started to live in an insecure world because of the uncontrolled  technological developments. (Especially, surveillance technology…)
  • We said that capitalism grew in modern life a lot. Therefore, the exploitation of labour increased, too.
      As you see, the causes of modernization created a dangerous society but unfortunately, some of people cannot see them or do not want to solve them! I do not want to say that we should stop developing, but we should control developing because all of them are the cause of the lack of control.modern_times_charlie_chaplin_0

    P.S. : I tried to sum up the topic of Risk Society and Modernization. Sorry for my mistakes 🙂


8 thoughts on “Risk Society

  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Developing of course, can lead to disaster if its aim is only personal and financial gain. Above all, it may be the increase of spiritual development that we should promote. Not control developing, but the subject and the way of developing.

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      1. It’s very good to hear because my department is sociology and I want to write about sociological subjects 🙂 these are basic subjects but we forget them in our busy life so I want to remind them 🙂

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      2. Wow you are very good at catching details 🙂 I liked it! I’m new in my department so my writings can be basic and surface because I don’t want to talk about profound subjects without a good research 🙂 Thank you so much 🙂

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